Bring on the Cheer – R2bC

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the HeartThis is meme that I have seen floating around the blogosphere but I have never participated before.  About time then:
1: I notice that I am starting to make some real friends here in Plymouth and a fair few other folks who I know to chat too when we meet in the street.  I guess we have been here two years but these things do take some time.
2: Glee is back!  Downloaded and watched the first episode of season 3 yesterday, its fab.
3: I have a beautiful and clever daughter who is growing in many ways every day at a scary rate, two is a magical, if tempestuous age.
4: Life has gone back to normal after the chasm of the summer holidays, ok I miss summer but love all the toddler groups and other things we do.
OK I know that it is 4 reasons but never mind.  Have a look at Mum of All Trades who is hosting this weeks reasons to see why other people are cheerful.


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