Listography – What makes my house a home?

This weeks Listography is hosted by Mother Porridge  and she has come up with the interesting question as what 5 things make a house a home.  Having travelled for many years with nothing but a backpack we do tend to strive for minimalism but there are certain things that really help make my house feel homely.
1: People:  Ok I lived alone for a couple of years pre finding my IMG_6220 copyProcessedman but on the whole every home has had other people in.  These days its my man and toddler and without them nowhere would be home.
2: The Woodburner: You cant beat a real fire, and one of the IMG_5697reasons why we where attracted to our house was the fire in the dining room.  We lit it for the first time yesterday, a lovely thing to come home too. 
3: Garden: I love it, but as this is the first house I have owned this is my first real veg garden and being able to pop out to get some beans, or some herbs to make dinner is wonderful.
4: Hammock: I love hammocks and we have one in the front room and 06-Chaing Mai (1)one in the garden, nothing better than lazing in the hammock with a good book, not that I have had a chance to do that in a while but.
5: My Library: I love books, and even though I am trying to limit IMG_5969my book collection a bit, home is where my books are. (when travelling often the heaviest things that I would kart around would be books).

See what other folks have to make their place all homey here

3 thoughts on “Listography – What makes my house a home?

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  1. Very nice homely things! I do miss the fire back in my home (my parents house) I would love a hammock! Rather jealous. Home is where the heart is, would you agree? X

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