Listography – Games I used to play

Kate has come up with a good one this week, so many great games often played roaring round the garden at high speed but most of the ones I remember where played during the endless summer holidays spent down on a fabulous Cornish Beach. I have included a car game, which used to keep us amused for hours.
1: Grandmothers footsteps – This is an old fashioned one, but a Intro to performance art class playing grandmother's footsteps, 2nd sectiongoodie and seems to have been stolen by peppa pig and renamed sly fox.  One person (the grandmother maybe) stands with their back to everybody and everybody else tries to creep up very silently from a starting place a bit away but whenever they turn around to face their opponent they all have to freeze and if anybody moves they have to go back to the start,  the object is to touch the grandmother when she isn’t looking.
2:Glow worm hunting – This would pretty much exclusively played Glow wormdown in Cornwall during the summer.  We would go hunting for glow worms at dusk and then keep them in a jam jar in our bedroom as a pretty meagre night light.  The downside to this is that if you turn any other form of light on, the glow worms turn off.
3:  Pub Cricket – This game can only be played whilst travelling on old roads where there are pubs, so not one for the motorway. It plays a bit like ordinary cricket hence the name.  The first Coach and Horses, Mayfair, W1person to bat keeps their eyes open for any pubs as you travel along, you score a run or each leg in the pubs name so something like the coach and horses would score 10  for the batter, because there where at least two horses hence eight legs and two for the driver, if it is something that doesn’t have legs the batter scores one.   You can be bowled out if one of the other passengers spots a pub with a royal name i.e. the Queens head and the bat is then passed to the observant one.  This can be continued till the destination is reached.  Subsequently as a child I decided if I ever owned a pub it would be called the millipede.
4:Canasta – Not strictly a childhood game but as we spent every single summer holidays down in a chalet near a Cornish beach, and sometimes it would rain, for weeks on end.  Therefore used to while away the time by playing lots of Canasta, which if anybody knows the game can last quite a long time. And for those that don’t its a complicated card game played with 2 packs of cards.
5:Cat’s Cradle : This isnt one you see much any more but its played on a loop of string probably about a metre long and you use your hands with a friend to create intricate patterns with it.  I once came across a slightly crazy auzzie hippie guy who was obsessed with it many years after everybody else had forgotten its existence ,  but that’s another story.

cat's cradle

Anyway head over to Kate’s place to see what other folks played as a kid.


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