The First Headstand since Childhood

This isn’t something I have talked about on here much recently but I have been doing some form of yoga or  another very sporadically for about 5 years now.  I am still very much a beginner, but at my yoga class but earlier in the week I managed to get into a headstand for the first time since childhood.
  Portrait of Tony Soma July 1948 ( Library of Congress)
The class I have been doing for the past 4 months or so is an Iyengar yoga class.  This style of yoga has become most associated with the use of props and other aids to achieve the perfect alignment of the body until you have the flexibility and strength to enter  the full pose and leave these props behind.  The precision in this branch of yoga  this suits me as naturally I am quite sloppy and found that in poses that I though I was doing ok with before attending this class, that I was cheating quite badly and moving my body in ways that really wasn’t good for it, (hence a few knee injury’s)
Anyway for the first time last week I managed to, for a few seconds get into headstand and to my total amazement I didn’t collapse in a heap.  Now don’t get me wrong this pose is truly tough on the arms and needs far more upper body strength than I currently have but like with all things the way to get the strength is to do the poses that need it.

[Image: Portrait of Tony Soma July 1948 ( Library of Congress)  on Flickr Commons]

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