Listography–What I did this summer

It has been quite a quiet summer, no jetting off to foreign climes as I don’t think either me or my man are up to the rigors of travelling with a 2 year old.   But we have:

1: Been down to visit the grandparents

This isn’t hard as they live in a beautiful part of Cornwall about 100m from the beach at a place which used to be where the folks from Camborne (10 miles inland from there) used to go on holiday, now its more likely to be full of people from the more prosperous parts of the country but as lots of the chalets rent is £1000 per week  in peak season I am not surprised. 

2: Been swimming lots

Eva has gotten over her fear of swimming pools so we have been regularly attending two local pools and I am sure will continue to do so over the winter.

3: Had a visit from five Estonians

Some old friends of my OH’s came over to visit for a few days.  They actually made it this time as they where originally planning on coming over last summer but missed their flight after checking in.  

5: Had lots of walks in woods:  

Its probably the most common thing we do as a  whole family.  Eva ends up riding on daddy quite often though as my man seems to vastly overestimate the distance that a 2 year old can realistically walk

4: Rediscovered crochet:  

Eva will now let me crochet again, after months of stealing the wool and hook the moment I got it out she will let me watch her play whilst I crochet things, but I have been abusing this a bit and have given myself a slight touch of rsa,  currently I am making a multi-coloured shrug from sock wool and making a ripple laptop sleeve from the odds and ends in my stash (of which I have lots). (photos to follow)



11 thoughts on “Listography–What I did this summer

  1. Sounds super. How lovely to be near the coast in the summer. We're in Birmingham which is pretty much as far from the sea as you can get so we don't get to go very often but it does mean E sees it as a huge treat when we do.

  2. It has been a nice one I admit, but I will be glad for life to return to normality next week. We are pretty lucky to live near such lovely places@Mummy Mishaps aka Jenny PaulinHI there, nice to meet another devonian blogger, and also with a 2 year old too.

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