Listography – Kids Movies

I have just realised that this one is a couple of weeks late, silly me, anyway its done now so here goes.
Oh this is a difficult one, my toddler has kind of gone off movies in the past few weeks, saying everything is too scary apparently, so these are my favourites:

Toy Story 1, 2 and 3:  I have seen these so many times I have lost count, and like most parents of small children, can probably quote most of the script.  Nothing much beats them.

Flushed Away: This film is very British and proud, and therefore makes a pleasant change from all of the American accents.  It also has a very good cast with Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman  playing the main characters  The singing slugs are my favourites though. 

How to train your dragon: The flying scenes in the alone make is worth a watch, probably a bit scary for little ones but a great movie.

Tangled: They all have incredibly big eyes but its a nice movie with good songs which stick in my head for days.  Also Flynn Ryder, is a bit of alright

The Incredibles: I like the premise,  and its quite a watchable little film. 

I could have mentioned so many, Cars, Monsters Inc., Wall E, 101 Dalmatians but have to stick with 5, see what other folks thought  where the best kids movies over at Kate’s Place:


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