Listography – Guilty Pleasures

I haven’t participated in a Listography for quite some time now but I couldn’t resist this one.  Where to start though, I am not sure why but mine are turning out to be very food orientated
  1: Haribo Tangtastics – I think I am addicted, and they are so bad for me.  They are fattening and full of e-numbers and my dentist would probably give me a hard time if he knew, but so yummy.
   2: My weekly yoga class – having a whole hour and a half me time, and I feel great afterwards.
  3:  Glee – its so cheesy and trivial, but I love it.

4:  Reading a newspaper without being disturbed – this only happens when I have gone down to visit my folks and my mum takes my toddler out for a bit, bliss or the occasional nap.

5:  Eating a whole mango squeezed out through the stem hole.  – I was taught to do this in India years ago and its the only way I know of eating one without a knife that doesn’t need a bath and change of clothes afterwards, but you cant really share one this way.


2 thoughts on “Listography – Guilty Pleasures

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  1. Great list – especially the Glee part! Definitely agree with number 4 – it takes me a whole week to read the paper snatched at odd moments to myself each day. Would love an our or so completely undisturbed but it doesn't happen very often!

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