Listography – Products I couldn’t do without

This is a bit of a difficult one as I have spent quite a bit of my life travelling and living with not much, but now, with a toddler life is different.

 1: Laptop – Well we don’t have a tv so the laptops do for everything, Eva associates it with watching things either on cbeebies iplayer or on dvd ect. And I use it for everything.

 2: Camera – I haven’t been without a camera for very long in lots of years, initally for travelling but now for capturing Eva’s growing up.

 3: Epilator – Don’t think I could go back to shaving or waxing my legs again, too much hassle.

 4: A good book – I am rarely without at least one good book on the go, have thought about getting a kindle but you cant read it in the bath.

5: My Moka coffee pot –  it makes the best espresso coffee apart from an expensive gaggia coffee machine.

Have a look at what other folks cant live without:


3 thoughts on “Listography – Products I couldn’t do without

  1. My epilator didn't really work out for me, I'm sure there has to be a better way…Right off to google Moka coffee pots – I've obviously been missing something. Thanks for linking up. x

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