Listography – Simple Pleasures

Its been a little while since I have partook in a Listography (see chronic slackness for the months of Feb, March and April) but the simple everyday pleasure that Kate is looking for just grabbed me.

1: Gardening – A new found hobby of mine, comes with being a homeowner I guess but I love sowing seeds, and watching the plant grow into something edible.

2: A bath with a good book – nothing beats it for sheer relaxation

3: Chocolate – I could live without it, but I choose not too.  I just makes tantrums easier to deal with

4: Snuggling up to watch something with my man, after Eva’s bedtime especially something that is not too intellectual challenging (Chuck is our current snuggly tv).

5: A nice cup of tea (not that my nationality is creeping through or anything).


One thought on “Listography – Simple Pleasures

  1. I'd love to garden but everything I touch dies. I'm not going to torture the poor plants any more. Thanks for joining in. x

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