My Top 5 Things I Want to be When I Grow Up – Listography

Well as I have my 40th Birthday this year I guess I should have already grown up, not a chance though.

1: A Pharmacist: I have no idea why but this was my childhood/teenage ambition, but I failed my A’level Chemistry and that was that.  Having worked with pharmacists I am not sure it would be a job I would be suited to.

2: A Second Hand Bookshop owner:  I love bookshops, especially second hand ones.  I know realistically that it is a very hard business to run but I have always quite fancied it.

3: A Photographer:  Not really taking photos of weddings and stuff but selling fabulous arty prints at hugely inflated prices to rich people (well I can dream).

4: A Writer/Illustrator of Children’s books: Quite often whilst reading books taken from the library to my toddler do I think, I could do a better job at this than that.  Maybe I could.

5: Me just as I am: I never though that I would be happy being a stay at home mum, but here I am and even though the toddler stubbornness is doing my head in at the moment I wouldn’t trade it in for a 40 hour working week for anything.


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