What are you reading – March

Well I thought I should join in with this one quite a mixed bag of books this month, mainly non fiction

This book has probably changed my life, but only insomuch as I have started baking almost all the bread that we eat in this house these days.  I don’t think we will be going back to shop bought bread any time soon.

I have just finished this one that I borrowed from the library, light reading, not quite as good as the tales of the city books but still good.

I have been borrowing loads of cook books from the library recently and have been working my way through the river cottage cookbooks, this one is my personal favorite so far probably because it is thrifty and as the title would suggest about normal family eating, and the lemon curd muffins are yummy.


An interesting little tale about life as a 4th wife of a illiterate polygamist in Nigeria.  Somewhat predictable plot but very much a page turner, just what I needed.

What are you reading?


One thought on “What are you reading – March

  1. Great selection of books! I’ve got a fair few of the River Cottage ones but not the everyday one, will have to look it up in the library 🙂 Thank you for joining in lovely xxx

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