Plans for February

A friend has started a meme thingy (what is a meme anyway? *sneaks of to check wikipedia* so I thought I should give it a go:

1: Hopefully the ground will warm up so I can do some digging in the garden, it needs it and there is quite a lot of work to be done.

2: Finish all sorts of craft projects, like a sofa for Eva’s dolls house (in blue denim) and a paper-mache bowl.

3: Start dieting again, got about 5-6kg to lose, I have been crap recently again.

4: Finally drag a friend from baby massage to come and visit my comparatively new home (only 1 year)

5: Maybe go down to Cornwall to see the folks, if it gets sunny it would be nice (but not frosty).

6: Blog more, I have been  a bit slack recently.

7: Pick up my camera again, I have neglected my big girl camera in January, but one months rest post 365 project is enough. I will try and get 7 good shots for the week and post them on Flickr and probably here.

8: Find some horseradish root to plant out, anybody know any online sources?

9: Plant out the first early potatoes into a variety of containers and leaf piles.  They have been sitting chitting on our kitchen windowsill for about a week now.

10: Oh and I nearly forgot, a night out with my OH.   My folks are coming to visit and babysit and we are going for a night on the town. 


2 thoughts on “Plans for February

  1. Great list of things to do!! I especially like the one about the baby massage friend visiting….(coughsorryit’sbeensolongcough) and the one about you and OH going out….I ought to do that with my OH as we’ve not been out together since my birthday last JUNE!!!

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