Grow your own Vegetables by Joy Larkcom – aka my first book review

I have read quite a few books on gardening in the last couple of years, both from the library and inherited from my parents (the Percy Thrower book that my grandparents gave them as a housewarming gift a about 35 years ago) and this paperback which was first published under the title Vegetables for small gardens in 1976. This book is probably one of the best of the lot in its specialist field.  There is nothing about growing flowers, fruit or even herbs except in the small section (well a page) about companion planting.

It is jam packed with lots of practical information on composting, soil preparation, pests and diseases and all from an organic point of view.  It also has about half the book taken up with a detailed section on each of the more common, and some not so common vegetables.  There are no pretty photographs but some very informative line drawings where required (if you want pretty pictures try Alan Titchmarch’s The Kitchen Gardener).  As a novice gardener this book seems to have most if not all the information I will need to successfully make good use of my veg plot.


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