5 ‘Things I Wish I Could Do’

Well I am hopping on the bandwagon and following a friend towards the Listography of Kate Takes 5 .  This week it is about 5 things I wish I could do so here goes:

1:Stick to a diet or a yoga programme, I do it for a while but then just give up.

2:Run, I used to run for about 6 months several years ago, when I was living in Dublin, but predictably, I injured my hip and never started again.  I tried again briefly this spring but my knees started hurting.  Am I getting too old?

3:Go travelling with my daughter – Someday…

4:Meditate 20 minutes a day, I try but I am just too lazy.

5: I would love to sail, and travel for months around some islands or another (preferably a long way away from Somalia).  Unfortunately my sailing experience is limited to a flotilla sailing holiday in the Kefolonian islands of Greece in my early 20’s and windsurfing with my father as a teenager (badly mainly), I am also not rolling in cash (alas) and that seems to be a pre requisite.

6: Stay in bed past 7am ideally till about 10 occasionally, but alas my toddler thinks otherwise.

Well that makes 6 and I am sure I could come up with many more if I took a long time about it.


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