Waiting for spring…

I think that this is probably my least favourite time of year.  Waiting for spring…

Choosing seeds, both online and in the local garden centres has been lots of fun although I have probably got a few things I wonder if we will every plant.  Also we have 3kg of seed potatoes and its all having to go into containers or be buried in leaves, we have way too many.

I have started working on the lower of the new beds, so many stones to be removed, its probably going to take me the rest of the winter to have it cleared and ready, It is very satisfying work though.


I love the excitement of germinating seeds, I have some windowsill bound basil and coriander in the airing cupboard, not germinated yet but its only been 48 hours.

Eva is loving the chance to play in the mud, she loves being outside and we do get a bit of a meltdown to get her back in though, unless she is bribed inside with the promise of milk or other goodies, timing is everything.

It has been difficulty to find horseradish to plant, my OH is a lover of strong horseradish so it seemed sensible to grow some. At the two closest decent garden centres that I went too, I was either too late or too early so more waiting, not that we can plant it out till next month anyway.


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