2010 the year in photos

This year has been a good one, my little family moved into our new house (the first one I have ever owned) including my first garden.

January: Still living with my parents whilst the house was renovated, lots of snow.
11a/365 Bird footprint in snow

February: We moved into our newly renovated house, enjoying the woodburner and getting to know our new city.
49a/365 Home - Woodburner in action

March : The start of spring, and flowers are everywhere, and I cant stop taking photos of them.
86/365 Blossom

April: My little girl turns one, many tears over having to wait to eat her birthday cheesecake.
98a/365 First Birthday Blues

May: More flowers, and summer seems to be here
132/365 Bluebell

June: Holidays down in Cornwall, still nice and sunny
156/365 The flowers dont really stand a chance

July: First crop of courgettes in the garden
192/365 Courgette Flower

August: It seemed like it didn’t stop raining for the whole month.
232/365 Spiders Web again

September: Not the Indian summer we had been promised, just more rain.
365 Beer anybody?

October: Autumn is here along with all the pretty colours.
276/365 Leaves

November: I developed a sudden interest in mushrooms
321a/365 Some Mushrooms found up in the graveyard

December: Lots of snow and Eva’s second Christmas
352/365 Toddler in Snow again

This post was inspired by another Inna Karenina’s blog post doing a similar thing


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