Two Little Feet

Drove to visit family and friends yesterday.  Eva and I had a lovely lunch with my folks and my little brother and then we went a few miles further to visit my friend (who’s blog is here ) and her daughter (pictured above) who is a week older than Eva.  Incidentally when Eva was looking at this shot this morning she said the pictured girl’s name, which is the first name apart from mummy, daddy and gaggy aggy (granny) that she has ever said (she hasn’t said her own name yet even).


2 thoughts on “Two Little Feet

  1. Awww that's a great picture of her tidgy feet 🙂 Was really lovely to see you and we're dead chuffed that Eva said her name!! Will see you again soon 🙂 x(oh and have started up a new blog…..feel free to have a snoop!)

  2. It was lovely to see you guys too. Amazingly a few hours after I posted that, Eva said her own name too. Loving your new blog, its interesting that we have both decided to do a bit more writing after a year of taking photos.

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