New words

Language development in my toddler is not how I expected it to be.  Eva said her first word ages ago (we think) but since then until about a week or two ago there had been very little new spoken language from her.  Then I went out for lunch with some friends, one of which is an experienced child-minder and hence good at deciphering toddler protolanguage and it turns out that what I just took as babbling was in fact speech.  I guess I had been expecting words to sound more of less like the words I use but no.  Currently I have identified these words that she says on a frequent basis:

Da – its her Yes

No – its not particularly clear or consistent but I think she does say it

Buzz – for the sounds that bees make but its more raspberry like

Tee – for Tree , Haven’t heard this very often these days but this was her first word

Yummy Yummy – this one is pretty clear and distinct

Baa Baa – the hours of singing Baa Baa black sheep has paid off 😉

Daddy – although not always in relation to only her dad, sometimes it can be all men which is a bit worrying ;0

Mum? – I am not sure if she does say Mum or Mummy, she probably does when I am not around but she doesn’t say it much to me.

and the new ones from the last few days that I am not completely sure about:

Dink – I think she means drink but I could have imagined it

Apple – when we where in the garden she pointed at the apple tree and said it, but I have only heard this once. My OH says he has heard her say this too though.

I have never had a particularly good ear for languages other than my own so I am finding this aspect of parenting an interesting challenge.

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      1. All our kids are fab, they are all quite interesting and active little people.
        sorry it took me so long to reply Katie but I was a bit crap at the end of last year 🙂

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