70/365 K is for Kissing Gate

70/365 K is for Kissing Gate, originally uploaded by nualacharlie.

My mum always calls these gates kissing gates, not sure why but I am sure that there is a very interesting reason, anybody know?


One thought on “70/365 K is for Kissing Gate

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  1. The name may be associated with a traditional game played when more than one person is passing through a kissing gate. In order for one person to pass fully through the gate they have to close it to the next person. At this point, when the two are on either side of the gate, the person in front “refuses” entry to the second person until presented with a kiss. Indeed in some circles it is considered good form for everyone passing through a kissing gate to exchange kisses in this way (provided all parties are sufficiently friendly with each other).

    Stolen from Wikipedia……lol

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