16/365 Ann’s Marmalade

Mum made her first batch of marmalade yesterday, it is a yearly event which happens whenever the Seville oranges become available in our local fruit and veg shop. There where twenty jars made in batch one and another batch will be made shortly.

10 thoughts on “16/365 Ann’s Marmalade

  1. Great picture!! I want to try some…Marmalade is my favorite!! I am about to post some pics on MonarchMusings and one of the photos is very similar to this one 🙂 Have a great day…

    Cheers! Cathy

    1. Its good marmalade, made with a couple of lemons per batch but mainly oranges.
      No marketing though, this is all purely for family consumption for the year. Dad just prints out the labels and I think the fruit is just some clipart.

      1. I understand 🙂
        I asked because in portuguese we only call it marmalade if it is made with “marmelo” (a fruit, aparently called “quince” in english).

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