4 months old already

Oh my god, it has been so long.  My little girl is four months old and things are going pretty swimmingly these days.  We did have quite a difficult time in the first few months with her weight gain, or lack of it.  She has been exclusively breastfed since birth, apart from about 2o ml of formula given in hospital when my nipples felt like they where falling apart and I was falling apart from sleep deprivation.  It took a while for her to gain much weight, in fact I think it took 6 weeks for her to get back to her birth-weight but after about 2 months it all sorted itself out.  She is still small, but perfectly formed and developing normally.

She started smiling at 6 weeks and was smiling lots by 10 weeks.  Rolling over, or nearly rolling over is the latest thing, she can get almost all the way but cant quite get her arms over, I predict that she will be rolling from front to back before the weekend.  Of course then will come the next problem, she will not be able to get back and she is not too fond of extended tummy time.  She also loves to practice standing up and it makes her smile more than anything else at the moment.

Baby things aside, our life has been dominated with the search for a house to buy, we found somewhere.  A repossessed place in Plymouth and in less than one week we went from seeing the place, putting an offer in and having it accepted and getting the solicitors involved and then just as we had started to make great plans as to what walls we where going to bash down and even having arguments over it, we got gazumped at the end of the week.  We where totally gutted but got over it pretty quickly as we found something that was, in my opinion much better and we are in the process of buying that now, just waiting for the solicitors to do their thing.


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