Life with a newborn

I have been finding very little time to do anything reciently apart from look after my little girl.  I guess this is normal for the parents of a newborn baby but it is amazing how one new little person can totally dominate the lives of her parents.  At present she is asleep on her fathers chest and subsequently I have two hands to type with.

Life kinda follows a vague routine all based around the 10 or so breast feeds that Eva needs but as I am feeding on demand everything varies and life can’t be planned that much.  Mind you I have been discovering these past few days that you can do quite a lot with an infant in a pushchair, especially in the mornings when she is at her most chilled.  Yesterday I spent quite a few hours mooching around the shops in the nearest town, having a takeaway lunch on the seafront in the sun, only having to move the pushchair occasionally to keep Eva chilled.  She was even quiet on our brief visit to the library, much to my amazement.

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