Eva, welcome to the world!

not-long-after-her-birth-back-up-on-the-delivery-suiteWell my laxness in posting has an excuse for once.  A little under 4 weeks ago my baby girl was born by elective c-section.

I had never planned her birth as a c-section, but as after a month or two with every midwife not being entirely sure how my baby was lying I was sent for a presentation ultrasound scan at 38 weeks and found that the hard bit that I could feel at the top of my bump was in fact a head and not a bottom as had been thought.   I was then to come back for what is called a ECV which is where, in my case a consultant obstetrician attempts to push the baby into a better position, in my case it didn’t work  but it was worth a try.  I was then booked for an elective c-section 6 days before my due date.

Then went a week of worry both on the part of my partner, myself and my family.  My man is not at all comfortable with anything to do with the medical profession so for him to accept that his child was going to be born via a surgical procedure was pretty difficult for him.

The 8th April was the date booked and hence my daughters birthday, it would probably had been a few days later but the start of the Easter holidays (good Friday on the 10th specifically) hurried it all up a bit.  As always the anticipation of the event was far worse than the event itself. I had spent the previous few days pretty much shitting myself about the prospect of impending surgery but probably the most painful part was the insertion of the IV cannula and this was with a local anaesthetic too.

The theatre team where all very friendly and tried to put both myself and my partner at ease, we where even allowed to play a CD that I had burnt for the occasion (it killed a few hours the night before figuring out which tracks to play).  I was all gowned up and my man was wearing theatre scrubs and a hat (he looked pretty cute in it).  The spinal anaesthetic was the first thing to happen, I sat on the operating table bending forwards over a pillow to open up my spine and the anaesthetist injected me with a local anaesthetic and I was then tilted on one side and then the next to allow it to travel to all the required areas and after that I couldn’t feel any pain and couldn’t move a muscle below my chest, I could feel lots of pushing and pulling though which was very odd as it was inside my tummy.

After they had established that the spinal block was effective using some ice to check the level of the block the drape went up.  This was the most nerve-wrecking part for me as once they had started I knew it wouldn’t hurt but just before, well I just didn’t know. It was wonderful to have my man in the theatre with me to hold my hand and reassure me, even when I’m sure he was shitting it himself.

After that I just remember holding my man’s hand knowing that they where cutting me open but I couldn’t feel it and then after a bit of pushing and pulling we where told that they baby was out, time of birth ten to three and that she was a girl and a few minutes later a little bundle covered in white goo was put on my chest and Eva had arrived.  It then took a little while, half an hour or so to put me all back together again and then our little family was taken back to the delivery suite where I fed my little girl for the first time, not easy to get into a good position when unable to move from the chest downwards but with some help managed to feed her on and off for an hour.  We where then taken to the postnatal ward where Eva and I stayed for a couple of days.

This post has taken days to write, I am finding that I am getting very little time with both arms free to type anything so I am guessing blog posts will be short for a while.  Being a mother has completely taken over my life, as I am sure it does to almost all new mums.  It is a weird thought that my life is no longer my own, but its not as scary as I would have found it before she was born.  I have totally fallen in love with my little girl, kinda wasnt expecting it to be as powerful as it is but I am sure there is a whole heap of chemicals in my system at least partially responsible for that.


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