34 Weeks Pregnant

Only six more weeks until the big day, not that babies come on time very often but as the due date is the only indicator I have at the moment, its what I’m sticking with.  I am coming to the end of a lovely four full days off work and I feel exhausted, not that I have done anything.  I guess it is just that time when doing anything feels like hard work as I am carrying round a sizeable bump.

My man and I where planning to check out the property auction in Plymouth today but when we got there, which was about 10 minutes before it started, we where told that the room was jam packed and they where not letting anybody else in until some people came out.  As there where already about 40 people hanging around in the foyer and plenty more people trying to find somewhere to park we gave it up as a bad job and left.  We then had a little drive around Plymouth to get some idea as to how good or bad some of the areas where instead.


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