Running again

Well I am back to the world of running again, but still with a bit of trepidation. I have still been getting some soreness from my left hip after a long day at work and if I go for a long walk but I have been getting a strong urge to run again. Anyway I decided as it has been nearly 3 months since I have ran really I will start back very carefully using the C25K plan, as I used this plan to start my running last spring. I did a week one run (1 minute running with 90 seconds running) and found it too easy so next run I am going to try a week 3 run as during this run, I didn’t stop for one walking period and ended up running 3.5 minutes and that wasn’t too hard so I know I can do that. So far, my hip feels no worse than after a day at work but I have made sure that I have been stretching it.


2 thoughts on “Running again

  1. Good luck! I struggle with a hip problem too. (Sledding accident in college!) I eventually went to a physical therapist (8 years later) and did some exercises that really helped. I hope you make fast progress.

  2. I have been thinking about going to see a physiotherapist about this myself. I will see how it goes with just taking things very slowly and if that doesn’t help then ill go and see one.

    Thanks for your support

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