Dabbling with Ashtanga

I have recently acquired an Ashtanga Yoga video, David Swenson’s Primary Series. I don’t think I am ready for it yet, but I can start to to work towards it, like maybe introducing the sun salutations into my practice. The major problem is that I am not flexible enough to touch the floor on a forward bend, so am finding it tricky to jump back, without making an almighty noise and possibly straining my lower back. I guess it will come with flexibility and practice.  I am tempted to go and buy a good book on Ashtanga yoga and use it to work towards doing the flow. I am definitely feeling a little too intimidated to go and do a Ashtanga class just yet.

On a positive note the lotus posture is getting a little tiny bit easier, and I can do it on the other side too but only just for a few moments.


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