Rediscovering Yoga

Well I’m not quite sure what I have done to myself but my left hip is still troubling me enough that I can’t run without it coming back to haunt me the day after. I guess my running is going to be put on hold for a while. I started off being pissed off that I couldn’t run but, I’m not sure that I would be able to run for 20 minutes continuously any more as I haven’t for a few weeks. I guess ill just wait it out and when I do recover start over again with the Couch to 5K Programme.

The upside is that I have rediscovered my yoga practice again. I initially started doing yoga from books. At first I did it very sporadically but on my last big trip travelling I ended up in a place called Nong Khai in Thailand and enrolled in a 7 day intensive yoga course and was hooked ever since. At the time I was doing my asanas twice a day for the first few months and then this slipped to once a day. A month or so after I left Nong Khai I met my man and I gradually became even more lax with it and had almost dropped it altogether until recently. I have started doing my yoga practice again on my days off (4 days per week) and I have discovered that in many areas I have not lost much flexibility in the months that I haven’t practiced. Also when I compare myself to how I was prior to doing the yoga course, I am much more flexible. I even realised that as I have been sitting in the half lotus posture quite a bit I can now get myself into the full lotus position, if only for a minute before it starts to hurt. I have not been able to do this since I was around 15 years of age, and it hurt then.


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