Still sore, but improving

I haven’t ran for 5 days, my hip is still sore, but it is improving although slowly. I haven’t been completely resting though as I have to work, and work involves being on my feet for a 13 hr shift and walking to and from work (but only 3 days a week). The next few days should be more relaxed im not sure if I should go for a gentle run today and see what happens or leave it for a few more days before returning to running, after all a whole week off wouldn’t be a tragedy.

Well I went out for a gentle run. I just couldn’t resist and whether it was a good idea or not, well time will tell. I only ran for a little under a mile at around 11.30 minutes per mile pace which felt slow and I was very aware of how my body and my hips in particular where feeling. I went out without my mp3 player which was a pleasant change, and sometime I think I should do more often.

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