Self Enforced Laziness

I’m sore, not too bad but that tempo run the other day has aggravated my left hip. I’m stupid really as it was feeling a bit sensitive and I pushed myself when I should have just been taking it easy. Never mind though I guess we all make mistakes, and if I learn from this one it won’t be a wasted experience.

Looking back at my log this hip pain reared its ugly head again about two weeks ago, although it has been an issue for the past month or so. My plan is to take a few days off and then plateau my mileage till it dies down and avoid running too hard for some time. I was planning on doing my first race in about a month, the Dublin Simon 5 mile Fun Run which is held in Phoenix Park which is where I do some of my runs but I’m not sure whether I should now. I guess Ill just see what happens. As it will be my first race I can just take it easy and enjoy the experience and I can leave registering till the week before or even the day if I am still not convinced.

I never realised I was quite as competitive as I seem to have become, if only with myself. I guess looking at my pace times improving slowly over time I expected this to continue and as in the past month they haven’t I became a bit frustrated and tried to push myself instead of letting things happen naturally. Well its all a learning experience.



One thought on “Self Enforced Laziness

  1. Hey Charlie,
    Spotted your link on the Ladies Locker Room. I think you’re blog is smashing! I really like your flowers.
    Are you Dublin based? I’m in Tipp!

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