A longish run

I am planning on doing a long run today, the plan is to avoid hills at all costs and then with any luck my left hip will not be any sorer than it is now. I have been doing the exercises found in a runners world article about hip pain and fingers crossed it will be effective.

I have also woken up this morning with a slight cold coming on, have I been overdoing it I wonder. My plan is to go out and see how I feel. Ill get back to this blog later and let you know how things go.

Recently I have been listening to some of the archives of phedippidations which is a podcast from an guy called Steve runner, I have also been listening to the Zen Runner which is another podcast with a slightly Buddhist take on running. 

Well ran 5 miles as planned, although I did run a totally different route than the one intended it was just that I was sick of being on the road that made me change my plans.  I was trying to keep under 75% of my maximum heart rate, which was pretty much impossible and I ran at between 75% and 80% much of the time, my overall pace was 12.05 minutes per mile which is slower than I was running before I got the forerunner but I guess I had no idea of my heart rate then so might have been over-training a bit, and it was a long run and therefore should have been slower. This run felt a lot more like hard work than the last long run. The weather wasn’t quite as nice but I guess I just wasn’t feeling quite as buoyant today as last week. I feel a little sore following this run but its my quad’s that are stiff not my hips, my quads just feel like they have had a bit of a workout.

This evening I am going out for dinner with some of the girls from work, it is a leaving do for one of my colleagues. It should be fun, my plan is to have a maximum of 4 glasses of wine, 3 if I feel little tipsy and then come home by 11ish. As it is I am feeling a little weary already so it shouldn’t be hard.



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