Travel Troubles

Christmas is coming and travelling is getting crazy. Yesterday I had the most trouble flying that I have had in years. I was attempting to get from Dublin to the UK and it was far more complicated than flying to Bangkok or Sidney and all down to a bit of fog.

It started off without any trouble, I packed up my stuff ensuring that I had kissed my boyfriend before he went of to work in the morning, got the Luas into the city centre and then the airport bus to the airport.

The security in the airport seems to have become a bit more sensible with regard to carrying liquids in hand luggage compared to two months ago. These days anything less than 100ml is ok as long as it is in a freezer bag though what the freezer bag does is a mystery but compared with an outright ban on anything even vaguely liquid it’s far more sensible. It especially makes much more sense as so many low cost airlines charge you for checked in baggage many people like myself are travelling with hand luggage only.

So I got through security, having to partially undress taking off belt and boots to put through the scanner (I didn’t dress the most sensibly for flying did I) and walking what seems half a mile with my 7kg hand luggage bag to the terminal. I sit down near the gate that my flight was supposed to fly from and read my book. After a few minutes I notice that the flight in the monitor near the gate has changed from the flight that I was expecting to take (the Flybe BE304 to Exeter) into a flight to Zurich so I get up and check the board to notice that my flight has been delayed for 1 hr so I sit and wait again. After a short while I glance at the board again to see that the flight has been cancelled!

At this point there are no people to ask so I make my way back towards the shops and find a member of airport staff who says I need to go back to the main terminal, so I go back via immigration and eventually find the desk where I could find some information along with the accompanying long queue of my fellow cancelled travellers. I join this queue and after waiting for 40 minutes haven’t got very much further towards the front of it. It seemed that my fellow travellers have been having this problem for days with one family trying to leave Dublin to somewhere in the South of England for 36 hrs with 2 small children. The man behind me in the queue then goes off to try and find alternative flights and very kindly comes back to tell the rest of us in my part of the queue that there is a flight with Aer Lingus to Bristol in about half an hour. I deliberate about this for about 30 seconds then I’m off and have bought my ticket for E67 and I’m off towards the security again with 20 minutes till the gates close.

I the half walked, half ran to the departure gate, answering the phone from my dad on the way, arriving at the gate on time only to find that the flight had been delayed by half an hour. Anyway this flight left only half an hour delayed and landed in Bristol at about 3pm and shortly after I came out of the airport my dad arrived to pick me up and drive me home (very nice of him but much easier than trying to get a coach).


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