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Well it has been a long time since I have been here, but I have not been idle, no I have got a new book blog called Engrossed in a Good Book, where I chat about books, including book reviews and other bookish thing come and check it out.   I noticed after I have been active on Twitter today that some of my new followers are following this blog.

Anyway here are a few instagram pics to show you what I have been up too in the past two years.

Sand Angel

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Climbing at Gwithian

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At the Minack Theatre

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@tara_cain thanks for the nice weather delivery

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Estonian windmill

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Estonian swing

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Off to the library to return some #books #bookstagram

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Daily Drawing

I have made a pledge with myself that I am going to try and do a drawing every day, some will be small and a bit crap and others may be more ambitious but knowing me none will take any longer than an hour and probably most of them around 20 minutes or so.

I tend to work in pen and watercolours but I may well branch into other media, who can tell, anyway here are the first 4 drawings/paintings.   #2 glass of water#4 pinecone

#1 Binder Clip
I know I still have a huge amount to learn but most of this is practice, practice, practice

A couple more drawings from the last few days

I think I am getting the hang of photographing my drawings, its quite tricky keeping the paper white without washing out everything else but this is a learning process.

This one was done in Costa and just squeezed into small part of the page, but turned out to be the best one on it.  Done with a fine bic biro and watercolour.

 This was a cyclamen plant I bought myself the other day.  Done with a superfine pitt pen and watercolour.

Book Review – Little Ways to Learn Acrylics by Mark Daniel Nelson

50 small painting projects to get you started

This book arrived this morning and I think it is just what I need.  I have been inspired to try out painting with either oils or acrylic for a little while, inspired by my friend Rosie who creates fabulous abstract and imaginative figurative paintings with the medium.

I have been playing around with acrylic paint  before, with little guidance with some quite comical results.  So this book, with its 50 small paintings is right up my alley as the only painting I have done before has been with watercolors  and therefore I am a complete beginner. I have done the first two paintings today, very simple landscapes using  flat colours.  but looking further into the book there is plenty of scope to experiment around a painting finding my own subject to practice the skill.

Man Reading

Welcome to my sketchblog.  After abandoning drawing as a teenager,  I started again about 3 years ago when my daughter was two and started drawing herself, and I join in.

 My drawing has improved loads over the last 3 years and just looking back in my sketchbooks its obvious how much has changed.  I do try to draw someone every day
Anyway here’s something from my last sketchbook.  I do seem to be spending quite a bit of time lurking in cafe’s drawing people lately, there will be more to come soon.

22 of 365 Multi Ethnic Food Shopping Day


Relatively mundane today.   Had a run to both the Chinese supermarket ( KW Foods )  for the fish sauce (Thai), sambal oeleck (Malaysian chilli sauce) , and glass noodles (China),  and the Indian Shop for mustard Seeds, naga chillies and fresh coriander.  I actually wanted curry leaves, but they had sold out.

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